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Deuteronomy 6:4

Coventry Hills records many of the Sermons, Gospel Meetings and Lectureships held at the building. We archive the audio of our sermons and events on our Audio Recordings page. Begining in 2005 we started digitally recording our Lectureships. In 2005 we recorded those lessons using RealMedia. The following years we recorded them in the Windows Media player format. Starting in 2009, we changed to the mp3 format to facilitate using any of the media players available as well as giving the ability to use portable players. Also to note is that all documents such as forms are in Adobe Acrobat reader format (pdf). If made available, some files may also be in Microsoft PowerPoint format as well.


This year we have made improvements to our audio/video equipment and offer audio in CD format. Compact disc formats for Lectureship lessons may be ordered as a single, or as a complete set. Each set contains 24 or 27 cassettes (older years are only on cassette) or CDs in a nice vinyl album.


Improvements have also been made to the video as well. Coventry Hills has begun live streaming of our services begining July, 2011 through the uStream service. To view our live sermons, please visit our home page, place your mouse over Services, and then click on Watch Live. We will also be archiving our weekly sermons in video format. To visit our video archive page, please visit our Video Media Page. We also offer our annual Lectureship on video as well. Please visit our Lectureship page for more information. This year is the first year we are offering the entire Lectureship series only on DVD. For older Lectureships, video may be available on either VHS tape or DVD. There are 3, eight hour videotapes or 6 DVDs. The DVDs are contained in a jewel case to keep them together, labeled so each is easy to find.


Coventry Hills records our annual Lectureship, Gospel meetings, and other meetings we hold to spread the Word. In the past, we have recorded on audio and video tapes but currently we record on CD and DVD. In addition, we also have recorded audio in mp3 format available through the link above. We also offer the recordings available on media. Mainly those recordings are for our Lectureships and Gospel Meetings. To request any of these recordings, click on our Order Form (link will open in new page), print the appropriate page and mail back to us with appropriate donation.

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12/31/12 - The 2013 SouthEastern Pennsylvania Lectureship information has been posted. Click on the date or the lectureship link on the left side of the page to visit the lectureship page for more information.

07/06/11 - Our Sunday sermons are now available archived on our web site. To locate the archives, mouse over Resources, then click on recordings.


04/21/13 thru 04/23/13 - 2013 SouthEastern Pennsylvania Lectureship.