Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:
Deuteronomy 6:4
At Coventry Hills, our mission is to spread the gospel any way we can. We are active in many areas such as worship service, door-knocking, mailings such as House-to-House, our annual Lectureship, our web site, and more. New this year we added mailings lists to our web site to keep those who wish to be informed in touch with updates and to offer those who want to learn more a convenient way to receive the Gospel.

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News, and Events


12/31/12 - The 2013 SouthEastern Pennsylvania Lectureship information has been posted. Click on the date or the lectureship link on the left side of the page to visit the lectureship page for more information.

07/06/11 - Our Sunday sermons are now available archived on our web site. To locate the archives, mouse over Resources, then click on recordings.


04/21/13 thru 04/23/13 - 2013 SouthEastern Pennsylvania Lectureship.